News for 7 March 1999

I received this email from Liesbeth this week - 2nd March - containing more info on Wiz's new band 'Serpico'. Good news all round, I reckon. Looks like there could be some UK tour dates soon (I hope...). Anyway, here is the message:

Hi everybody,

Got a letter from Wiz last weekend, so I thought you might be interested :-)

As you probably already heard from me, Wiz has formed a new band called Serpico with another guitarplayer and songwriter called Shaun Streams. They had some trouble finding a bassplayer and drummer. Eventually they found a bassplayer and through him a drummer. Serpico played with Pat and Lee for a while, but alas, after a while these guys decided they rather wanted to pursue their own band. So last autumn Wiz and Shaun had to start looking again.

Now the news is that Serpico have a new drummer and bassplayer: Ian Gardiner and Simon Dorey. Wiz put an ad in a local paper and found them through that.

Now they are working hard to get things going again. Wiz wrote to me that so far they have eight songs, and at ten he will start looking for gigs. And will try to find a studio to do some demos. He hopes to be playing in May.
In his own words: "I'm very excited, we have a really groovy, noisy feel."

And then he had to stop writing and go to bed for his 'brain sleep' since next day would be band practice day.

Hey ho, is that good news or is that good news.


thanks to Liesbeth for this, any more news i get will be posted here.
cheers, Phil.

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