More Dates For April 2000 Announced - Posted 12 April

Cribbed from the main serpico site:


Thursday 6th Army and Navy, Chelmsford
138 Parkway, Essex. 01245 354 155. It's 4 to get in and we'll be the
middle band of three, on stage around 9:15. Doors are at 8pm.
Friday 7th Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich
Off Weisted road in Newcut West; this might be a free gig, but maybe
not! We'll probably be the only band playing so get there early and stop
us from drinking too much before we play! Slim possibility of a last
minute venue changew, site will be updated if so. Venue tel no : 01473601902
Tuesday 11th Red Eye, Islington (London)
2nd band on of 4, don't know who they are yet but bound to be punk
and almost as loud as us! (see previous gigs for details of venue)
Thusrday 27th Bullingdon Arms, Oxford 2nd band of 4, on stage around 9:30.
Friday 28th Railway Inn, Winchester
Middle band on stage around 9pm. The other bands are '53rd and 3rd',
and French punk combob 'Toxxic T.V.' (see previous gigs for details of venue)

More Dates For March 2000 Announced - Posted 22 Feb 2000

Cribbed from the main serpico site:

Feburary Saturday 26th - West End Centre, Aldershot

We are the main support to 'Citizen Fish', first band on will be 'Cephas'. Tickets are 5 and we'll hit the stage around 9:45. We are currently working hard writing new songs and hope we'll have at least 2 newies to play at this show. We are breaking in 'Don't lean on me' which is the last song of the set just now, and as soon as we've learnt the lyrics off by heart we'll be trying out 'Little Star'. The regular 30 minute set time is getting harder and harder to stick to!

March Friday 3rd - Reckless Engineer, Bristol

It's on Temple Way opposite Templemeads train station and entry is 2. We are supporting 'Zoomer' and will probably be on about 9pm-ish.

March Wednesday 8th - The Hobbit, Southampton

'The Hobbit' is on a road called Bevois Valley in the Portswood area. We'll be supporting 'Toxy' who feature ex members of 'Social Distortion'. It's 3.50 to get in, 50p off for the usual concesions. Don't know what time we're on, but call 0411 785 732 for more details if you're into it.

March Friday 24th - Little Backyard, London

Played here before a few months ago and we've been asked back! It's under the Fitz and Firkin pub that's just by the Great Portland Street tube station. We're on first at 8:45 and the headliners are called 'Season'. It's 4 with a flyer (which hopefully will be on the site soon). The other interesting thing about this gig is that it is being recorded for the club's own web site and a few songs from each band will be put out the night after.

Date For November Announced - Posted 30 9 99

Exeter Date Announced Plus A Favour To Ask

Serpico have announced that they will be playing the Exeter Cavern Club during November but are looking for somewhere to stay overnight. Ian says:

In November we will be playing the Exeter cavern Club is there anybody
in that area who would be able to put the band up overnight.

If you can help, mail me and i'll pass the details on.

Also, sometime next week (1st week of October) the official Serpico site should open, there's not much there at the moment but it will all be happening at Seeing as it will be run by the band themselves, it should be updated a bit more often than this site is :)

New Tour Dates for September / October - Posted 10 9 99

More Tour Dates: September and October:

FRIDAY 1ST OCTOBER. OXFORD. The Point, Serpico 8.45 pm, then Porn Show, Crazyhead.

SATURDAY 2ND OCTOBER. BRISTOL. LOUISIANA'S Serpico 8.45 pm. Main Band Zoomer. - I will be at this one, so hopefully I will get some pics. Also, if you can, I recommend you get hold of Zoomer's album 'hello lover'. They are a pretty good band fronted by a guy called Spider, who amongst other things has roadied for the Rosehips, done monitors for the megas and been the frontman in The Seers and Bonesaw. There is a tiny page with a pic of the album here

TUESDAY 19YH OCTOBER. LONDON. THE LITTLE BACK YARD CLUB. (Great Portland St) Serpico 8.45pm main band not sure at the moment.

WEDNESDAY 27TH OCTOBER. KINGSTON. THE PEEL. Serpico 9.15 pm. 2.50 admission. Main Band not sure at the moment.

FRIDAY 12TH NOVEMBER. ALDERSHOT. WEST END CENTRE. (Shed Club) Serpico 8.30 pm. Main Band Abdajaparov Ex Carter USM.

Thanks to Ian for the info. 10/9/99

The band have anoounced a few more tour dates, still around the London area. They are:

Sat 7th August Casino Royale Club. The Monarch Camden.
Fri August 13th The Agincourt, Camberley.
Sat 14th August The West End Centre Aldershot. With @tomica pic
Sat 25th Sept The Irish Centre Basingstoke. With @tomica

All gigs are on and should start 'around 8 ish'
Simon from Serpico also says of their last gig with 'A':
'the A gig was great as expected and we got a really good reception, it virtually sold out in advance. a taste of things to come? i bloody hope so.'

Cool, as always, if anybody goes to any of these gigs, i'd be eternally gratefull for a quick (or long if you want) review of what it was like,
have a good one,

News for 24 May 1999

I got another mail from Simon with more details on local gigs and a review of the last gig. The review is by a local music hack by the name of Adrian Creek:

" Joining the Jellys at the West End Centre in a long anticipated relaunch were Serpico. The Farnborough four, fronted by former Mega City 4 singer/guitarist Wiz, made a useful debut and can confidently expect to move on to bigger and better things. What did they sound like? well, much as you'd expect with linchpin Wiz at the controls - like an updated, 1999 version of MC4, and that ain't a bad recomendation."

Also, there is another up and coming gig, again at the West- End Center, on Saturday 5th June, this time supporting 'A' who are touring a new single. Simon reckons it 'Should be a blinding gig, not to missed'.
He also goes on to say that they have quite a few more gigs lined up for the up and coming months, so maybe i'll get to see one after all... Thanks again to Simon for taking the time to write,

Cheers, Phil.

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News for 2 April 1999

I recieved a mail from Simon Dorey yesterday, with details of an up and coming Serpico gig: Simon writes: we are playing on friday the 7th of may at the West-End center in Aldershot. We are supporting The Jellies, who used to be Honeycrack. hope this is useful and we will keep you posted. Simon

well, there you go, if anybody goes to this, could you send a mini review? just a few words on what they sound like, eternal fame awaits you if you do :) cheers, phil.
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