MEGA CITY FOUR : words that say EP

Sleeve Notes -

Words That Say EP Recorded in the summer of '91
at livingston studios, North London

All tracks produced and mixed by
jessica corcoran for gaddabout management
Assisted by john mallison and pascale giovetto

All lyrics written by wiz
music written by mega city 4

thanks to anton and ginni, p.b., steve and louise, jess
tank and a mega wo bundy to spider, lloyd, case, murdo,
and tabs who are the posi-vibe crew.

Words That Say (track one)

i got your letter
i got your message too
did something change while i was gone
well i guess that i changes too
it is'nt out of ignorance
you won't receive a line
it's just that i remember
how it hurts to live a lie
and i would'nt want to put you through
the torture that you put me through
and i guess i learned from all our games
only stone cold hearts can play.
take it back
it's too late to say those words
'cos words that say 'i want to know'
should have been said long ago
take it back
it's too late to say those words,
catch them up and save them
for someone who'll appreciate them
words that don't say anything
line after line.
they pinch you and they stab you
and they steal your precious time
and the people with no words to say
are the loudest of them all
they fill up all the silence
with sentence after sentence
and their thoughtlessness
knows no bounds at all

Untouchable - track 2

nothing else can change
the way i feel today
the way that i feel about you
the only thing that counts
is the way i feel about
the way that i feel about you
while were together then
i'll love you, love you
the future is never certain
so i'll make the most of every moment
no matter what happens now
i'm grateful foe everything so far
and i'm not afraid it will end
'cos i'm taking everything as it comes

Lipscat - track 3

you are sad
i am sadder still
you look puzzled
i can't explain
don't know where to start
and i can't pretend i do
what's the point in pretending
that's no use to you
you can;t imagine how it hurts
to be always stuck for words
nothing i can say
nothing i can say
nothing i can say
nothing i can say
the one thing i want
is for you to be ok
the one thing i want
seems out of reach
and it does'nt help you either
to know how weak i am
i should be a rock for you
but i could blow away like sand

Mansion - track 4

all these empty rooms
rooms that once were filled
quiet as a tomb
for promise unfilled
all this wretched space
failing to decay
aspirations faltered
dreams let slip away
i've seen it in my sleep
the pictures getting clearer
as the truth of it gets nearer
the plaster warps and cracks
the fireplace is black
the sign on the door says
you can't go back
once we had a canvas
like a grey november sky
but the inspiration left us
and the paints had all gone dry
now the guests have left
i vaguely recollect
before they all arrived
i wanted more from life
not merely to survive
i wanted more

typed from the sleeve notes by Phil Wilkins on 6/6/95
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