MEGA CITY FOUR : who cares wins

Who Cares?

People say you should keep in touch,
Coz the problems they address
Affect you just as much
But you just drift along
In your own small world
You can't see what is wrong
But even I recognise
Things are changing and they're
Changing fast
Even I recognise
The first ones now will later
Be the last
Someone suggested, you should be interested
In the things that shape your life
But as far as you can see
Things are going very smoothly
'don't care was made to care'
It's a lie I guess
I can't force you if you could'nt care less
Even I, even I even I,
Can't read the signs
Even I, even I
Care that you should not be left behind
Don't sit on your ass while your world
Just falls to pieces.

Static Interference

There's a room full of people with me
Theres a baby crying youe end
Trying hard to make ourselves heard
Above the static interference
You sound impatient
You say you'll have to hang up soon
I wish I'd never called
But don't misunderstand can you hear me
You think I should speak up
Or else we should give up
I heard you clearly
You sound impatient
You say you'll have to hang up soon
The less there is too say
The quieter I speak
Now the loudest thing is silence
I could have sworn I heard you
Sigh in frustration
But it could have been the interference
You're sounding distant
You say you'll have to hang up soon
You sound distracted
You say you'll have to ahng up soon

Rose Coloured

Things were much easier then
On first reflection
Life seemed much simpler
Without all today's complications
And I, often wonder why
The past seems so attractive
Are we really so dissatisfied?
Take a long hard look
At the way things used to be
Coz time has dulled the pain,
And you're memory,
Take a look at the things
You have chosen to forget
Then measure all the happiness
Against what you regret
The goals that we failed to acheive
In the past
Are constant reminders of how much
We wasted the chance
And we, bury all our guilt
In childish reminising, conveniently
Missing out the pieces
That remind us, that the past
Was'nt any better
And we must continue
Making reparation for our failure
Making the same mistakes again


Don't come calling 'round here any more
My friends will say I'm not at home
If you come knocking at my door
Don't bother to ring me
in the middle of the night
you act like nothings changed
And I've got nothing left to say
Coz you took everything I had to give
There's nothing left
You just took everything on offer
For no return
Well you took me in before
But I will not let you back
Through my front door
I can't belive you're as vindictive as you seem
Perhaps you're just as stupid
And naive as I have been
After all I gave you
This is all I get
Feeble minded efforts at pretending were still friends
Feeling guilty now?
Something you regret?
Maybee the day that we met
Sometimes I feel the same way too
But especially when you
Come knocking on my door
With your concience dragging in the dirt behind you
In the dirt behind you.

Me Not You

Halfway between
Looking forward
And back at where I've been
How things have changed
How things have stayed the same
I don't feel the same
I feel nothing again
Suddenly I've found
I stand still
But the world keeps turning
It all revolves around me
Mistakes I've made
Mistakes that I will make
The shit I'm in
I'll get out of again
When I get dissolutioned
I recognise myself
When I get dissapointed
I recognise I'm the only one
I can be dissapointed in
It's me not you.


This is a message
To all the people I have hurt
This is amessage
To all the people I've let down
I know now what you knew then
I was thoughtless
And I just took what I could get
This is a message
This is a fine time
I know the damage has been done
I may have apologised
But what I meant was leave me alone
Now I understand what you feel
It all comes back to haunt me
With a selfish heart and a greedy head
I used you up and cut you dead
But I was young and stupid too
And now I know that I lost you
You don't have to shake my hand
It's enough you understand


You think you're living in a jungle
But your locked inside a cage
Your prison is unyielding like your anger
And the locks are siezing up with age
See, what, take, everything
Competitiuon is the way you live
Confrontation that's what you respect
My reaction's what you don't expect
I don't wanna beat you
I'm not trying to make you look small
I'm trying to reach you
I want us to break down all the walls.
The misunderstanding,
Beliving the world's against you,
The instinct to strike out
Resentment and suspition
I see you can't accept I'm no threat
I won't be persuaded ignorance can win
I fear nothing.
I'm not afraid,
Violence can't hurt me, violence is dead.
Broken bones will heal,
And broken glass can't alter
The words I put inside your head.
I won't be dissuaded,
Coz we are bound to fail,
While ignorance prevails.


Say what you like,
But where is your evidemce?
As time goes by,
There's no indication
That we're moving in the same direction,
Moving in the right direction.
I'm standing here,
Outside the railway station.
Wondering if I'm really alone.
I feel like the sole opposition,
One dissenting voice
Ignored again.
Or am I too impatient for a change?
This is the only way I know.


The strangest thing occured today,
A stranger stopped me
To ask me for the time of day.
There's nothing strange in that except,
We both thought we had met before,
But neither knew the place,
We left the mystery unsolved,
Amused the we should make the same mistake.
And I could'nt help but feel,
That you and I had done the very same thing,
We just took longer to recognise
Ourselves beneath the skin.
You saw me first,
I saw you much later.
Strange that we should make the same mistake.

You mistook me, you mistook me
For somebody else completely.
You weren't who I thought you were,
And I was someone different too,
Such an easy thing to do.

But I can't help but feel,
Sad abouth the things I found and lost,
I counted the minutes we were apart,
Now I count the cost.
But I realise the damage
Could've been much worse,
And we were lucky we both made
The same mistake.


It's about time
I wrote you a letter,
It's about time
You know how things stand.
It's about time I eased off the pressure,
Opened my fist
And showed you my hand

It's about time

It's about time
We were more open
Things don't get better
When they are left unsaid.
We're just not smart enough
To choose the right moment.
So open your mouth now,
lets not pretend.
It's about time
We had less secrets,
A little honesty
Would go a long way.
We should be open
Coz we need a break,
I'm sick of confusion
Ruling the day.


You can't get around it
And you can't get through
It's the only reason that is stopping you
And if you face up to it
That would be a start
Coz the revolution must begin at home.
I must have said this all before
Still I feel it's worth repeating
Do you understand the way I'm feeling?
Understand the language I'm speaking?
Outside of your front door,
There's a million peole with a million problems
Are you ready?
Before you go outside,
You have to be right inside,
You've got to have conviction.
Silence is golden,
Silence equals death,
But words without conviction,
Are an awful waste of breath.
You've got to exorcise your prejudice and fear,
Coz you are judged on what you are,
And not what you appear.

No Such Place As Home

I sit here waiting but you never call,
I read your letter
After reading the writing on the wall.
I go out for a walk,
With every step I wonder,
If you called me as I slammed the door.
I hate my insecurity,
And I've got so much to give.
But I'm sitting here alone,
And I'm felling like there's
No such place as home.

All I need is too belong,
All I ever seem to be is wrong.
Call it lack of judgement or inexperience,
Call it what you like,
Just call me up tonight.
It sounds simple and it is
It sounds stupid, well I'd say that
In your place,
Coz your not sitting here alone,
Yor not thinking that
There's no such place as home.

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