MEGA CITY FOUR : transophobia


There's a big hole where your
dreams should be...

There's a big hole where your
dreams should be
just waiting to be filled
and your running with your eyes shut
when you should be standing still
and pretty soon your gonna forget
and I'll lose another friend and gain a
"How ya doin'? Ain't seen you in years".

There's a gaping hole in front of you
and if I were you I'd leap
but it's your decision, you decide
and my conscience I will keep
I'm not saying what is good for me
will be the same for you
All I'm saying is don't close your heart
and you'll never need your eyes
to make a start
You'll never need your eyes to make a start


I don't expect you'll understand all this,
but I guess you'll have to try
I left in a hurry, did'nt have much time to think
I've gotta make my way or die

I'm sorry that I missed you
but I wanted it this way
I caught the first train down at five
I promise that I'll write you
when I reach the city smoke
I need a job to feel alive

And I know what you're thinking
but it's you I'm fighting for
though my heart bleeds
and it's broken
my spirit will never fall

I don't expect to make it easily
but you know I'll do my best
cos if I stay they'll bend and break me
for the scrap heap like the rest.


Well I've come this far
and I'm living proof
and I had myself
a severe attack of the truth

Well they brought me up
and they filled my head
but now I know
the things were wrong they said

It does'nt make the world go round
it does'nt make the world come crashing down
your life can mean something without it
you think you know better
tell me about it

Cos were all brought up
with our hopes and fears
but most of these are planted
through out the years

You gotta shut them out
get some truth
and have the courage to do whats best for you.


If I turn away,
just carry on.
I still feel the heat of your dejection.
If my eyes fall to the floor
leave them where they lay
I don't need to see your dissafection.

you never asked, you never wanted
when it was yours for the taking.

and now its much too late
but you have got some questions
now it's much too late
for you to find the answers

and now your only god
is paper in a purse
and there is not enough
which only makes it worse

If I seem quite distant
offhand or miles away
maybee I have heard it all before
and you won't listen now
to someone half your age
all you want is my affirmation


Christmas is years away
and I can hardly wait
how on earth am I gonna last
until my holiday

Every hour drags it feet
and every grey sky
makes me sad for summer

I don't think I'll go out there today

December made me smile
no matter how it rained
the laughter came and went
but winter still remained

Jack Frost bit my fingers
the smell of bonfires always lingers

Every raincloud followed by another
the pages are thick in my calendar
I look around this dead place
then I drop my head
to keep the wind from my face

(Especially for Danny)


There are pictures on the shelf
all reminders that you're by your self
and you'd blow out all the candles
if you thought you had the breath
but the fifty years of cigarettes
are taking their effect

Once you would have made a wish
now you know that wishes don't come true
cos if you'd had your wish you would have
left with all your friends
Instead you talk to pictures and write letters
you won't send, saying
'when will it all end'?
Don't break your heart over it
Don't break your heart
Don't break your heart over it
Don't break your heart
Save all your tears
Keep your head clear
You're almost twenty one again.

Thought you'd never make it
did'nt want to anyway
drove your mother crazy
telling her it night and day
she'd sit you at the table
make your cup of tea
flicking through the paper
absentmindedly saying
only the good die young.


On another planet
on another star
somebody is saying
wish that I could have that car

On another planet
20 yards away
somebody is screaming
'lazyness will never pay'

On another planet
aliens and me
I understand them perfectly
and they don't bother me
On another planet I'm alive.

On another planet
they don't understand
if they try to give you something
why you always bite their hand

On another planet
experience is all
they rape you when you're virgin
if you don't recognise their call.


I never said I could change the world
I just said that it stinks
and if answers are what you want from me
guess I'll have another drink

Cos you've got your head mixed up inside
I don't pretend to know
the antidote, the medicine
to melt away the snow

and I...
Never said, never said
Never said I could change a thing
I only mentioned all the things
that you had always thought
so don't act like it's some war cry
that you've only just been taught.


I'm so happy I could scream
it's like my wildest dream
Just look at my smiling face
as everything finally falls into place
I'm going for a ride on a rollercoaster
ain't nothing gonna get in my way.

New Year's Day

You'd never belive what I've been through
and how hard I've tried
and now the stone wall's smashed to pieces
I leave it far behind
I'm driving a rollercoaster
and nothings gonna get in my way

New Year's Day

(especially for Gerry and Chris)


There is something that blocks your vision
something in your eye
There are many who have suspicions
something in your eye
I heard you won't change your position
something in your eye
You pray for peace, you stand so tall
I pray your pride will fall

Something in your eye

I hope the people in your front line
hope they understand
the reasons for continuing
this occupation plan
and all those who've been lost to us
in twenty years of shame
does the empire recognise
we're sickened of their games

Something in your eye

How long must you stumble blindly
clutching a flag that's long dead
how long must you stumble blindly
clutching a flag that's long dead

Something in your eye


Guess I'll have to make myself
alternative arrangements
cos I know that I can't
really count on you
I got it in my diary
but that doesn't mean a thing
and you know if I couldn't make it
I would ring

Hours past the deadline
now I'm talking to the wall
even when you call
if I was you I'd call

Guess I'll have to take
some emergency precautions
I should have learnt my lesson
long ago
I thought our trust was mutual
but it seems it's all one way
and you're always coming round
to see me yesterday

I can't get through to you
just how important these things are, anyway
it never seems to penetrate
that everything isn't great

Alternatives, what can I do
you don't give a damn
except when theres something
in it for you.


Yes you can belive
now I'm telling it to you
I'm the only one who knows
what's going on inside of you

Listen to my words
pay no attention to your head
I'm the only one who knows
whats going on inside your head

Never lie

Don't deceive yourself
when you're laying in your bed
don't pretend you're with me
when you're miles away instead

Don't let people mess you up
just because I'm gone
remember everything I said
just pick up the phone


Most of our time is wasted
looking in all the wrong places
talking to all the wrong faces
giving it away

Most of the time we're waiting
compromising and contemplating
half of the rubbish
that they put before our eyes
I got a big surprise

Cos what you've got is
worth hanging on to
things may sometimes
move a bit too slow
but what you've got is
worth hanging on to

they don't know
what you've got.


What a stupid way to die
what a stupid way to spend you're life
you can buy all the comfort
money can get
and plenty of drugs
to help you forget

What a stupid way you've spent you're life

You were better off in the gutter
when you were looking at the stars
and now you are a real big stink
and everythings obscured by drink

What a stupid way to spend your life

And just the other day I passed
right by the place we sat
and swore that we would rather die
than be a shit like that
Whatever happened to you
I hardly recognise
the times have really changed you
the Raybans always were a good disguise
What a stupid way to end your life.

last updated 11 july 2001, thanks to james h for the corrections :)
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