MEGA CITY FOUR : Terribly Sorry Bob

Miles Apart

Well I'm standing in the rain,
and I'm thinking once again,
how the way we see is
never quite the same.
I can understand sensations,
and smells of petrol stations,
but the subsequent reactions
aren't the same.
Is this goodbye or just a paragraph,
should it make me sad,
or should it make me laugh?
Miles and miles and miles and miles
and miles and miles apart.
Well I'm looking at the sun,
and I'm sure there's only one,
but the way you see things
always makes me doubt.
There is no one solution,
We continue in confusion.
Accidentally finding ourselves out.

Running in Darkness

Running in the darkness,
feels like cobwebs on my face.
I want to scream "am I alone,
or am I in a race?"
Running in the darkness,
no conception of the time.
I could be going round in circles,
or just in a straight line.
Running in the darkness,
blind to everything around.
Changing direction at the slightest sound.
Running in darkness,
trying to keep up pace,
knowing instinctively,
I got to win a race.
Is it too much to ask
to walk the sea of Galilee?
Or dig up all the money from
the Great Train Robbery?
I just want to keep my head
away from your boot heel.
I can't afford to stop and talk,
I've gotta keep on running running running.

Distant Relatives

It's not that I don't love them,
it's just that they're so far away.
I promise to myself,
that pretty soon I'll get away.
Important things in my life,
too often get obscured.
Don't ever leave me,
don't ever wander,
don't ever let me slip away.
I try to keep perspective
on all the things around me,
'cos they're pushing for position
And every now and then,
I have to stop and think,
It's sometimes hard to put the
brakes on,
repair what I have undone.
I'm sometimes scared
that I might lose
my sense of what's important.

Clear Blue Sky

I was alone,
in a great big crowd.
There was all sorts of bad vibes
going down.
They were much too loud,
but I was feeling good.
I was feeling mean.
I could see a clear blue sky.
I was alone,
all by myself,
there was all sorts of bad vibes
going down,
they were much too loud,
but I was feeling good,
I was feeling mean.

Less Than Senseless

If there's anything that I have found,
it's that a problem shared
is one less problem hanging around.
It's less than senseless
to keep it to yourself.
If you feel that way too,
I'll see what I can do.
I'm never gonna let you down.
What with one thing and another,
we might as well be brothers.
You pulled me out from under,
it isn't any wonder.
I've never said it before,
so I'm saying it once more.
If I should fall from grace,
throw these words back in my face.

Dancing Days Are Over

Said it's never too late
to snap out of it.
And it was clear he didn't understand.
It's really not my place
to lecture him,
but I've honestly done
the best I can.
And now your dancing days are over,
you have suddenly got older.
You never listened when I told you,
and now your dancing days are over.
It would be funny,
If it weren't so sad.
Why did you have to give in?
I don't wanna leave you behind.
Now I won't see you around,

Awkward Kid

I hoped I'd grow up to be cool,
just like the heroes in my school,
never was a bigger fool.
Sixteen came and went,
nothing was different.
Important lessons passed me by.
Well it seemed that all my friends knew more,
but how I never knew for sure.
Always last to get the punchline,
left alone to think at lunchtime.
I shut my mouth and prayed,
that I would get it sometime.
Deep down I'm still an awkward kid,
I'm not half the man I thought that
I'd grow up to be,
I never solved the mystery.
I thought I'd find out more,
but I'm as lost as I ever was before.
I'm as lost as I ever was before.
Look a little harder,
there's less than I can tell,
you may think that I'm smarter,
but I've learned to act as well.
In fact I'm lying, I just play a bit,
maybe one day I'll be really good at it.


Please don't let me go,
When I need you most,
now I'm hardly able
to stay in my cradle.
No I won't let go,
I'll be here all the time,
must you act like a baby,
need assurance all the time?
No I'll never let you go.
Please don't laugh at me,
that's some analogy.
I'm being serious,
don't you care about us?
I don't think I can hold on
If we are apart,
I'll fall out of my cradle
and into the dark.
So I won't let you go,
I'll be here all the time,
yes you act like a baby,
need assurance all the time.
So I'll never let it go,
no I'll never let you go.


Don't it make you sick
when they say trust me I'm your friend?
You know there must be some election
coming round again.
And what about when someone calls
you haven't seen in years?
You know they're after something
when they break down in tears.

Everybody's after something these days
they're all on the take
don't it make you mad?
Everybody's onward and everybody's upward,
stealing from my pocket
and stepping on my head.

You might say I'm bitter
well I guess that you'd be right
if you'd been through what I have
maybe then you'd realize
I was born with nothing
and now I've even less
and the only things I'll leave behind
are pain and bitterness.

And the only pleasure that I get
is knowing it.


You were always nothing in my life
just some excess baggage wasting time
just a cheap diversion for my day
you never made me laugh much anyway.

Can't imagine what I meant to you
it doesn't matter anyway we're through
plenty more pebbles on the beach
let's go away and find a new one each.


I could be hurt when you don't trust me
but I understand
let me reassure you
I'll do the best I can
when you don't feel safe
when you're left wide open
when you're feeling vulnerable
I'll be there.

Coz you give me strength when I weaken
you pick me up when I am low
and there's something that I want to say
a million times a day
Thank you, you've given me something new.

I'm as scared as you
that this will all fall through
that circumstances will
split us into two.
It's something new to me
but I'm learning everyday
it's important that we say. . .

Square Through A Circle

People are talking behind your back
starting a revolution
in your mind, in your mind.
Your legendary prowess in the game
falters for an instant
and you must decide, you must decide.

And if that's too difficult to do
I'll make it easier for you
can you differentiate at all?
Or does a square go through a circle after all?

The point of the argument is clear
yet you hesitate
you're acting like God, when you weigh up the odds
The time has come yet you deliberate,
what do you think is at stake?
Can't you side, can't you decide?

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