All track produced by jessica corcoran
for gaddabout management

All tracks mixed by jessica corcoran,
except 'stop' mixed by chris potter

All lyrics written by wiz
Music by Mega City Four

Special thanks to midway still, si moore,
rosemary reid, and nicki.

the further away i get
the sharper are the lines
you need some distance
the help you redefine
the harder i look at you
the less you disappoint
i realise no one's to blame.
stop and listen
you might hear something you're missing
stop and listen
you might hear something you're missing
stop and listen
you might hear something you're missing
stop and listen
for something so important
it's so little

think about the things you value
and not about the cost
you've gotta get things into perspective
without it you are lost
they say actions speak louder than words
whoever they may be
probably the one's who'll break your back
to bolster up their insecurity
reach down inside
swallow your pride
don't be afraid
forgiveness is a virtue
not a crime

Desert Song
i'm not from the country
i'm not from the town
somewhere in the middle
the desert is my home.
i don't know the city
like the back of my hand
when i'm in the forest
i don't know where i stand.
i come from the suburbs
somewhere inbetween
a little piece of everything
and nothing much to see
i come from the suburbs
pure and clean
i come face to face with death
then its washed by the rain
from my windscreen
i grew up in no-man's land
detached and unaware
a native of a place that is
neither here nor there
i never learned to navigate
i never learned to fly
i'm just questioning the right to be
if i never had to fight for it.

Back To Zero
let's go back the way we came
let's not get out of bed today
let's not go outside and play
i think that i'm afraid
let's just find a place to hide
to sit and watch the world go by
then we can go the way we came
and we will all survive
you cannot convince me
and there's nothing you can say
to drag me from obscurity
and make me face the day
i'm going back to zero
you would'nt understand
'coz the constant fear of failure
doesn't grip you with an iron hand
i'm going back to zero
i'm not afraid to say
but i'm scared of this uncertainty
that's eating at me night and day
so i'm going back to zero
experience is vital
how to take a fall
and it always has to hurt you
if you're going to learn at all
but all the knocks i've taken
seem hardly justified
i don't feel the benefit
of all these scars and lines.

well you like to talk about
all the things you've done for me
you seen really proud
pride can be obscene
i look at what you've done
i'm amazed that i'm alive
still in one piece, able to survive
you pushed me and you pulled me
and you filled me up with fear
and you gripped the space
inside your fist
until it disappeared
you held so tight i slipped
beyond your fingertips
thank you for nothing
don't mention it at all
i treasure every moment
that's slipping from your grasp
you really did your best for me
i appreciate
thank you for allowing me to play
but don't expect me to reciprocate
escape is an emotive word
unscathed would be a lie
it's probably more honest
just to say that i survived
always assuming
the game is played and won
and i know that it continues
i know 'coz i've been told
to a casual observer
there is nothing to observe
to an innocent bystander
we all get what we deserve
it's a paranoid's illusion
it's a cynic's dissolution.

Lyrics typed up by Phil from the single insert

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