MEGA CITY FOUR : sebastopol rd

Ticket Collector

You don't get much time
So you don't have much patience with me
It's a mutual affliction
Stick around and see
I've all the time in the world for you
But I'm using it up on me
I'll give you a break
I'll give you a clue
I was never the one for you
I waited for longer
Than I can remember
My ticket is well overdue
It's a mutual indifference
And you aren't here to see
I've all the time in the world for you
But I'm spending it all on me
It's not out of spite
I know what that implies
You should take it as a compliment
I'm following your lead
I guess it's a kind of flattery
But it's not being used to deceive
You're typically not there at all
Now you're missing my very last call
It's with mutual disdain
I'm calling you again
I'll get through to you eventually
If it kills me, it kills me.

Scared Of Cats

He's taking it bad
There's absolutely no good reason why
He should accept it
With a smile
I've been there before
I can sympathise
Begging for the truth
and then wishing I'd been told a lie
And I bet you would have rather lied
than tell the truth
and have somebody turn on you
who'd always trusted you
Well I guess that is the proof
trust is built on being truthful
even when it hurts much less to lie.


All of us are users
wasting precious time
The guilt lies heavy on our hearts
just as long as we remember
How short our memories
when we feel the injuries
How cruel life seems to be
until we can repair the damage
All of us are users
so all of us get used
I will admit
If you admit were all to blame
Nobody loses
because theres nothing to be gained
Get off my back
and I will do the same for you
We are all victims
of our selfish attitudes
All of us are users
all of us get use
When I grow up I'm sure I will
love the things I used to kill
Accept responsibility
for what I do and what I say
hoping I'm mistaken
at the callous way
I let things die
How I could allow these things to die
It's so hard sometimes
to recognize myself.


I'm not the brightest star
at any given moment
Though I'm told the world
revolves around me
And if it's true
theres something obviously missing
something that I lost
along the way
I'm on the outside
looking in
And you can't see me
you're so wrapped up in yourself
I'm on the outside
looking in
and you can't see me
you're so wrapped up in your world
I'd like to play a part
but end up just observing
Just like a satellite
moving in an orbit
I see it all take place
I see it happen
Somehow it's not happening to me
And I can't belive
I'm the only one
who just can't figure out
where they belong

Anne Bancroft

I get some second looks
but they can't hold a candle to you
Your photos in my book
I'm wearing it out
I gaze into your eyes
The distance gets me down
I just want to be around you
My friends think I'm a fool
keeping it up
for such a long shot
I don't care
who knows it
I'm right here waiting for you
My latter years are strewn
with broken dreams and delusions
I hope like any fool
but this time I'm sure
it's coming true.


It breaks my heart
to leave you far behind
it breaks me up
to leave so suddenly
knowing we might never
meet again
It hurts so much
to lose another friend
I could hope you're just as sad
to see me go
but I'd hate to be the cause
of grief to someone I like so
Knowing we might never
meet again
It hurts so much
to lose another friend.


I might say yes
and i might say no
Its difficult to decide
The only thing that I'm sure about
is that I'm always changing my mind
there's momentary indecision
a feeble desire to please
In desperation to be loved
I admit I lie through my teeth
Thats me
going around
pleasing everybody except myself
Wearing a smile even when I am down
Trying not to dissapoint you
Trying not to be the one
that gets left out
And I only wanna be accepted
Before I answer I hesitate
I want to say the right thing
I guess its insecurity
that tricks me into deceit
But maybee the biggest deception
is the trick that I play on myself
I don't care if you like me
and I don't need your respect
I'm just scared if I take off
this stupid mask
the only thing I'll get
is cold indifference
And I want to be of consequence
to someone.


I never said
coz you never asked before
It's a weak excuse I know
I was afraid
you would turn and walk away
Leaving me helpless on the floor
What if it's true?
That I'm relying on you
Do you know how much trust
that takes?
My bones will start to break
if you walk away
I never said
but I meant it all the same
I will hold you up
as long as you remain
Don't be afraid
that I well turn and walk away
Without you I'd fall flat on my face
And yes it's true
I am depending on you
I hoped that it would be OK
I can but try
to make you confident that I
can be depended on too
Depending on,
depending on you.

What's Up

Hey you what's happening?
I just got back yesterday
I called you up
you had'nt moved
Some things I can rely on
Every time that I return
you're in the same position
Is it some competition
to see how little you can change
see how little difference you can make?
Different today
You tell me nothing ever changes
just rearranges in your life
But somehow the years
are feeding your fears
There's a little more bitterness
every time I come round here
you're different today
But change for the sake of it
is really no change at all.


Seems to be pointless
Hardly seems worth it
The price that I'm paying
makes me feel worthless
Makes me feel every cut and thrust
gild the blade with rust
fill my mouth with dust
Now do you understand?
I'd take you there with me
I'd paint you a picture
Now do you understand I'd take you there with me
I'd paint you a picture
If I thought I could make it
any clearer
Forgive me, be patient
I'm given eyes to see
The nerve to be before you
without the gift to tell you
I'm clutching for the words
struggling to stand
stumbling and falling
but still reaching for your hand.


The further away I get
the sharper are the lines
You need some distance
To help you redefine
The harder I look at you
The less you disappoint
I realise no-ones to blame
Stop and listen
You might hear something you're missing
Stop and listen
You might hear something you're missing
Stop and listen
You might hear something you're missing
Stop and listen
For something so important
it's so little
Think about the things you value
and not about the cost
You've gotta get things into perspective
without it you are lost
They say actions speak louder than words
Probably the one's who break your back
to bolster up their insecurity
Reach down inside
forgiveness is a virtue not a crime.

Wasting My Breath

You might think
it's a waste of breath
when I struggle to find
the words to express myself
You don't empathise
with the things that I feel
and you just don't believe
that my feelings are for real
Well I may make a mess of it all
when I'm trying too hard
to break down the walls
and it's hard to admit
I'm wasting my breath on you
But there's no competition to win
So it's pointless admitting defeat
But it hurts to concede
Some things are beyond my reach
The emptiest cans
make the loudest noises
I envy your style
and your education
But I only aspire
to communication
If I knew how to say
what I wanted to say
then I'd be much less angry with you
It's so sad to abuse
the time there is left
on someone who thinks
that I'm wasting my breath
I feel like I'm missing
the point again.

typed up from the CD inlay by Phil Wilkins on 27/3/95
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