MEGA CITY FOUR : Miles Apart single

Miles Apart

Well I'm standing in the rain,
and I'm thinking once again,
how the way we see is
never quite the same.
I can understand sensations,
and smells of petrol stations,
but the subsequent reactions
aren't the same.
Is this goodbye or just a paragraph,
should it make me sad,
or should it make me laugh?
Miles and miles and miles and miles
and miles and miles apart.
Well I'm looking at the sun,
and I'm sure there's only one,
but the way you see things
always makes me doubt.
There is no one solution,
We continue in confusion.
Accidentally finding ourselves out.

Running in Darkness

Running in the darkness,
feels like cobwebs on my face.
I want to scream "am I alone,
or am I in a race?"
Running in the darkness,
no conception of the time.
I could be going round in circles,
or just in a straight line.
Running in the darkness,
blind to everything around.
Changing direction at the slightest sound.
Running in darkness,
trying to keep up pace,
knowing instinctively,
I got to win a race.
Is it too much to ask
to walk the sea of Galilee?
Or dig up all the money from
the Great Train Robbery?
I just want to keep my head
away from your boot heel.
I can't afford to stop and talk,
I've gotta keep on running running running.

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