MEGA CITY FOUR : there goes my happy marriage EP

Recorded at Pavillion Studios
Engeneered by Iain Burgess
Mixed at Sam Therapy by Iain Burgess and M.C.4.
Assisted by Ian
Produced by Iain Burgess and M.C.4.
Thanx to T.M., Jabba and Mong.

Don't it make you sick
when they say trust me I'm your friend?
You know there must be some election
coming round again
And what about when someone calls
you haven't seen in years?
You know they're after something
when they break down in tears.

Everybody's after something these days
they're all on the take
don't it make you mad?
Everybody's onward and everybody's upward
stealing from my pocket
and stepping on my head.

You might say I'm bitter
well I guess that you'd be right
if you'd been through what I have
maybe then you'd realise
I was born with nothing
and now I've even less
the only things I'll leave behind
are pain and bitterness.

And the only pleasure that I get
is knowing it.

You were always nothing in my life
Just some excess baggage wasting time
Just a cheap diversion for my day
you never made me laugh anyway.

Can't imagine what I meant to you
It does'nt matter anyway we're through
Plenty more pebbles on the beach
let's go away and find a new one each.

I could be hurt when you don't trust me
but I understand
let me reassure you
I'll do the best I can
when you don't feel safe
when you're left wide open
when you're feeling vulnerable
I'll be there.

Coz you give me strength when I weaken
you pick me up when I am low
and there's something that I want to say
a million times a day
Thank you, you've given me something new.

I'm as scared as you
that this will all fall through
that circumstances will
split us into two.
It's something new to me
but I'm learning everyday
it's important that we say...

Square Through A Circle
people are talking behind your back
starting a revolution
in your mind, in your mind
Your legendary prowess in the game
falters for an instant
and you must decide, you must decide

And if that's too difficult to do
I'll make it easier for you
can you differentiate at all?
Or does a square go through a circle after all?

The point of the argument is clear
yet you hesitate
you're acting like God, when you weigh up the odds
The time has come, yet you deliberate
what do you think is at stake?
Can't you side?, can't you decide?

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