MEGA CITY FOUR : Dancing Days Are Over

Dancing Days Are Over

Said it's never too late
to snap out of it.
And it was clear he didn't understand.
It's really not my place
to lecture him,
but I've honestly done
the best I can.
And now your dancing days are over,
you have suddenly got older.
You never listened when I told you,
and now your dancing days are over.
It would be funny,
If it weren't so sad.
Why did you have to give in?
I don't wanna leave you behind.
Now I won't see you around,

Less Than Senseless

If there's anything that I have found,
it's that a problem shared
is one less problem hanging around.
It's less than senseless
to keep it to yourself.
If you feel that way too,
I'll see what I can do.
I'm never gonna let you down.
What with one thing and another,
we might as well be brothers.
You pulled me out from under,
it isn't any wonder.
I've never said it before,
so I'm saying it once more.
If I should fall from grace,
throw these words back in my face.

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